Back on Protocol!


It’s been several weeks of “trying” and yesterday I just wrote down my food and did it. Just like that. I had a new thought. I just have to make sawdust bars and eat them. Than just get on with living my life.

What I was doing was making an elaborate meal plan that included forcing my husband into eating healthy. Yesterday it suddenly occurred to me that I have been procrastinating planning and shopping because I have been trying to force him to eat healthier and he has been giving me a lot of push back. Like a neon sign I saw the thinking that was keeping me from following MY protocol.

So, I made a shopping list for my food and picked up things for him that I know he likes. I made my meals – sawdust bars and fixed him simple food he likes. The pressure is off both of us and I am feeling empowered and relieved. It’s so weird that you can’t see what you’er doing until you can. Then it changes everything!