Back to pre-SCS way of dealing with stress and overwhelm

We have revenues from real estate we own, we also have a manufacturing business with >100 employees. We’ve a shop connected with this business that doesn’t break even this first year. And also have income from green energy investments (wind mills/solar panels). We’ve to restructure the business since we have not enough orders and have to compete with other business in this sector. It means a new strategy, more efficient processes and also firing about 30% of the employees. In the meantime we’re selling our house (now 15 months on the market), it has not been sold (yet). And we’re building a new house with the usual setbacks (we’ve experience in building and renovation).

I notice I’m awake at night thinking about what other strategy I can apply for the house sale. What I should do with the shop. And so on and on.

I’m aware of my thoughts, write thought downloads. Make plans for above ‘issues’, and follow through. Still, the house has not been sold yet, the shop is not selling more, we don’t have more orders.
I feel at a point that I don’t know what to do more. I’m not buffering with alcohol or food, keep my sport schedule. I’m sitting here behind my desk, feel nervous, feel anxiety, feel tired (light in my head, like after a 10h flight). Think thoughts like “What if we have this house not sold, empty, then with occupants in it?”, “What if we get problems with the union when we reduce the number of employees?” etc.
Then I go back to my old ‘style’ of dealing with these times (let’s say pre-SCS:-) That means: Comparing. So I say to myself “I’m not on a rubber boat on the Mediterranean, just 100 km from here. I’m not a refugee, I have a house”, “In fact we’ve 2 houses, so don’t complain, sort it out”. So I compare myself with people in circumstances that I consider harder. And it doesn’t help, of course.

Is this a case where more massive action is required? I have a massive action plan for the house, for the shop, for the business, I followed through. Giving up is no option.
Do I give myself a break? Do I take a day or a weekend off?
My husband and I work together in business, but have separate responsibilities. The sale of the house is my task. I offered to take care of it.

Physically I feel tired, nervous (pain stomach, sometimes fast heart rate, awake at night). Mentally I tend to worry (meaning: thinking in circles, catching myself often thinking ‘negative’ thoughts). I’m aware worry doesn’t bring me anywhere. I also understand my tiredness comes from my thinking. Since I do go to bed on time and eat well.

What do you do when you have not reached your goal? How can I make a shift that brings new ideas? I feel empty at the moment.

Model house sale

C: House on sale 15 months
T: After all my efforts not sold yet
F: Failed
A: awake at night, spinning
R: Not sold yet

T: I believe we’ll sell it this month
F: Determined
A: Searching for new approaches, speak with people that sold their house, find new niche…
R: ?

C: We move houses in 1.5 months
T: House will be empty and might got occupied, and then we don’t get them out
F: Powerless
A: Repeating scenario in my head
R: ? (No prove thought will happen, we don’t know)

I’ve made these models many times, and did the actions that I promised myself to do, still not sold. Yes, more visits from agents.

For the manufacturing business.
C: Situation business
T: We have to reduce the number of employees to stay healthy and give work for the 70%
F: Fear
A: Looking for ways to convince the union it’s necessary.
R: We reduce the number

Something is not going well here. It looks like the result is fine, in the sense of what we want, but how come I don’t feel okay?

I understand C’s are all neutral. E.g.Someone that will be forced to leave can be very happy since it gives her/him the push to finally do something for her/himself. Still the experience (in the past) is that unions are not thinking this way, sometimes individuals are though.

When I read this back, it’s obviously written by someone (me) that has not figured out everything (yet).

Will you please shine some light on this? Thank you!