Balancing human compassion and thoughts in coaching

Hi Brooke,
Can you touch on the best way to coach others so as to not be so rigid with the model and to have compassion around the client’s feelings. Besides pointing out a client’s thoughts that are causing them to feel a certain way, and just showing them over and over that its their thinking that needs to be cleaned up, how do you sit with them and allow the humanness of compassion and empathy to come through as a coach? Sometimes it feels a bit like finger pointing at a client as you show them that they don’t have to suffer, but are choosing to. When you have a client that is very angry or very upset or very sad, and they understand their thoughts are causing them to feel that way, how do you let your authentic humanness and love for your client shine through at the same time, in order to let your client know that its ok to feel those emotions with you and that they are safe to do so? VS pointing the thoughts out, explaining they can pick a new thought that will lead to a new feeling and they can end their suffering at any time they choose?