#barfclub about a presentation I have to give tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have to give a final presentation about a year-long program I’ve been in for future leaders in the architecture industry. Many of the big players from the cities’ architecture firms will be there. One principal from a firm where I previously worked, and another I interviewed with but never heard anything back 9 months ago. I am not feeling confident in my ability to do a good job as a presenter. I’ve come a long way since our first presentation a year ago, but thinking about public speaking always makes wanna poop a lot and puke a little.

I am trying on thoughts like:
As long as one person takes one idea away from my presentation I will be happy.
I am going to practice being brave.
If I fail, I will learn something.

But my brain keeps telling me that I am a terrible presenter and that people will not know what I am talking about b/c my brain likes to either black out during a presentation or jump all around. Ideas?