barking dogs

Good morning Brooke!

There are many dogs in my suburb neighborhood (I live near El Dorado Hills – we miss you!!) and they bark so much, so often. It really bothers me that people are irresponsible with their dogs and just let them bark and bark. I can’t seem to find or generate bridging thoughts that can get this very ingrained thought out of my head: these dog owners are so disrespectful and won’t take care of their animals. Also, honestly, I think I am in the right to feel this way so I’m having a hard time also getting off my high horse about the morality of leaving your dog outside, suffering and stressing because it’s alone in the yard for hours. I have a dog with severe separation anxiety so that’s the lens that I see it through.

Do you have any thoughts that can help me try to do the ladder exercise and be in a more peaceful state to love my neighborhood?