Becoming A Man of Peace

Though I would love to focus on a business building goal, I feel it is necessary to focus on my own personal growth and development this year. A little background…1 month ago my wife and I just placed our youngest son in a school for juvenile youth 2000 miles from home in order to head off behaviors, habits and mindsets that were sabotaging him. We tried everything, but to no avail. During this year, along with him, we will also be doing much personal and marital work to prepare a safer, healthier home for him to return to when the program is over. Over the years leading to this change, I have handled much of the conflict and interaction involving our son with great anger and have not been a safe person many times. Though I have worked much on getting my anger under control in these high anxiety moments, I have this 1 year window to truly break through in this area and become a man who is not reactive and catastrophic. My Impossible Goal is: To Become a Man of Peace–Characterized by deep listening, curiosity, acceptance, optimism and emotional stability. Date & Time are: December 31st @ midnight. How will I know that this has been achieved: My wife and kids will be the final judges and will either confirm or deny that I have achieved this. My question is simple: I know this is somewhat vague as goals go, and that the “proof” is a bit weak…how do you really gauge this? How might you phrase this Impossible Goal? What might an exact result look like for something like this? In the past I have created a “Report Card” that I have had my wife and kids use to grade me in key areas on a weekly basis. This worked very well…until we stopped doing it. I thought this might be a way to achieve a tangible, exact result. Ultimately, the test is: Have they seen a change in me? Do they feel safe around me? Can they give their honest opinions around me without fear of reprisal or judgment? Do they feel comfortable bringing their friends and future mates home to meet me? Etc…Your thoughts would be gratefully received! Thanks!