Bee hive

C bee hive in the balcony
T it’s a bad omen and someone close to me will die
F scared
A panic , think of the worst case scenario
R stay in fear

T so what
F clarity
A inform the building management , contact beekeepers association, keep balcony door shut at all times , be ready when it’s decided to remove
R be prepared

In my culture it’s considered a good as well as a bad omen. Instead of focusing on the good omen , that may be great things will happen, I’m focusing on the bad and I don’t know how staying in fear will serve me . I’m not someone who is careless about anything in my life .
I tried the feeling of being scared. It gave me goose bumps all over my body seeing the bees . I’ve never been stung by a bee so I don’t fear them apart from the disgust that I feel seeing any insect

How do I make the transition of thoughts ?