Being agents of change

I think I get what you’re saying about the benefit of accepting that there is good *and* bad in the world, always will be, and being at peace with that.

I also get that you’re saying that accepting the bad is not the same as condoning it.

However, in my world, if I accept a situation, if I work on being at peace with it, I’m not likely to do very much to change or improve it. I see acceptance as a little bit of an “oh, well.”

Are you suggesting that people who move mountains to change what they perceive as “bad” are misguided? Does it depend on the feeling from which they act, i.e. compassionate and peaceful vs. hateful and vindicatory?

Here’s an example: say you live by a gorgeous lake home to lots of wildlife, and you discover that a local factory is releasing toxic chemicals into the lake, endangering the animals and your own health.

You can work on accepting that not everyone cares about wildlife and untouched nature, and that humans will often cause harm to others out of carelessness or ignorance or greed.

But then what? From that place of acceptance, how do you click into action and find the motivation to blow the whistle on the factory owners, and campaign for them to stop what they’re doing?

Thank you!