Being Single Model

I have been doing models on not having a boyfriend and what I make it mean when I spend a lot of nights alone. I want to know if I am on track and also if there are any other thoughts I could try out to feel empowered and independent instead of defeated.

C: single
T: I don’t connect with Texas men, there are no good guys where I’m living
F: hopeless, discouraged
A: write off most guys I meet
R: don’t make connections, stay single

C: single
T: I don’t know how to meet people, everyone my age has already met someone
F: hopeless, frustrated, lonely
A: don’t show up and connect
R: I don’t meet more people


C: single
T: the love of my. Life is out there
F; excited
A: look to meet new people, put myself out there
R: meet more people, get a boyfriend

C: single
T: I am becoming the best version of myself, I need this time right now for myself
F: empowered
A: do more of what fuels me, show up in an authentic way
R: become a stronger person who attracts like minded individuals into my life

I also have the “new” thoughts:
– I am leveling up
– This is part of the process
– I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now

Am I on the right track, any advice for practicing these thoughts/ any other new thoughts?