Being triggered / being a bitch

So I spent some time this evening with a friend about whom I think thoughts which make me annoyed or frustrated. (Ok so I’ve learnt something). I’m aware that this happens and have been doing a thought download to try and understand it.

I know I want to feel love and compassion towards her not irritation. There are so many things she’s good at and wise about. But knowing her I can see how she still has blind spots and limiting beliefs. And I’ll be honest I think thoughts about this that really bug me.

She was talking this evening about some finance stuff she’s an expert on and the subject went Into money beliefs. Another women at dinner (who is a actually a life coach) was talking about beliefs and roadblocks and used my friend as an example.

My friend then went on to give another example of a limiting belief she had overcome. I wanted to scream ‘no you haven’t. You totally still do this all the time. In fact the way you’re talking about this proves how little you understand’.

Some thoughts I came up with
– my friend shouldn’t put herself on a pedestal
– my friend is so short sighted about her only beliefs
– my friend is so wrong about herself
– my friend shouldn’t claim to understand this stuff, she has so many blind spots
– I hate hearing her talk about this stuff. What does she know. Can’t she see her own weaknesses
– it’s really irritating for her to claim to understand other people when she has so many of her own flaws.
– I wish my friend wouldn’t talk down to us when she is still so flawed and weak

I feel like a bitch and totally get that she is allowed to be, say and believe whatever she wants. But I wish I didn’t work myself up about it.

Any suggestions on how to clean up some of my thoughts here?