Belief in goal – breakdown

I’ve been learning a lot about beliefs and it’s been super helpful but I was wondering if you could clarify a couple of things for me. I have my goal that I want to generate $30,000 of value by the end of December 2018. I know I need to do the thought download on the before me and the after me. Then I take the “after me” thoughts and commit to believing them. Here’s where I could use some clarification – Can I use laddering to make my goal more believable to me or is the laddering for the thoughts I need to think in order to achieve the goal? Example: I want to generate $30,000 of value by the end of December 2018. Thoughts the after me would think: I’m learning to create the feeling of abundance with my thoughts. I will create enormous value with the time I have. There are so many opportunities for me to reach my goal. I have everything I need to do this now. This is going to be fun generating value and bringing in money. It could be true that it won’t much work to generate $30,000 of value. I can trust in myself to lead me to the new opportunities. I’m learning to become a more confident version of myself. The universe will help guide me to the opportunities to create more value. I’m just thinking the thought that I’m not enough. (Some of them I keep working with to get the wording right so I feel like I fully believe them). So I take these thoughts and commit to believing them daily right or out of all of these thoughts related to my goal do I pick one to believe? Do I write them down every day? If my mind wants to go back to the old thoughts, I acknowledge them and then proceed to practice my new beliefs? What if a thought isn’t quite believable? Do you keep practicing it anyway? Daily as I’m practicing my new thoughts from above, and my brain wants to freak out, I just let it right? I don’t necessarily need to do thought downloads on it unless I need to? Lastly, in your podcast you talked about how you wanted to earn $100 million and I think you mentioned how you talk about it with your team. Do you talk about your goal in the past tense like “We did it..” or in the present such as “We are going to …” Also as I believe my new thoughts, will the wisdom “how” come through? I’m thinking that a way I can take action is just always be open to the opportunity to create value. Hope this wasn’t too long, but I’m in the middle of this work and just had all these questions pop up. Thanks Brooke!