Believing new things framework

So, I basically am binge watching all the topics on Beliefs in scholars and am trying to set up kind of a step-by-step system to believe new things. This is what I’ve come up with. I really kind of just want something streamlined that I can reference anytime I want to create a new belief. Open to any and all feedback!

Step 1: Determine goal belief. Mine is “I weigh 1X8lbs and I got there quickly, easily, and I am more healthy than ever before”.

Step 2: Ask myself the current belief. Mine is “If I keep doing what I’m doing, I think I might actually get there.”

Step 3: If I had my goal achieved, how would I feel? Certain, ease, accomplished, surprised, delighted.

Step 4: What thoughts create those feelings?
– I can’t believe how easy that was (ease)
– I had it in me all along (confidence, certain)
– I had no idea how much I was capable of (surprised and delighted)
– I wonder what else I could create? (excitement)
– I’m so proud of myself for doing this (proud, accomplished)

Step 5: What obstacles do I think will be in the river of misery?
– urges, hunger, unplanned events, hangovers, headaches, fluctuations in the scale

Step 6: What do I believe about my ability to handle each of these challenges?
– I believe that I have the ability to do models on each of these and do thought ladders to believe new things about them too. I will do models on each of these obstacles, and ask my future self what thoughts/feelings/actions she would take in the face of these obstacles. I believe I am committed to doing the work necessary, and I am capable of feeling whatever is required of me.

Step 7, Ladder Up
1. If I keep doing what I’m doing, I might actually achieve it
2. I’m closer to my goal weight than I have been in a long time
3. It has felt difficult at times, but I was able to handle it and grow from it, and it’s become easier and easier
4. I love knowing that I am reprogramming my brain
5. Hunger happens, I don’t enjoy it, but I have been able to manage it without much resistance
6. This protocol feels easier than any “diet” I’ve ever done
7. I’m *actually* becoming a person who weighs 1X8lbs and got there quickly, easily, and healthily
8. I love knowing that I am creating these results in my mind
9. I love knowing I had it in me all along
10. One day soon I will be a person who weighs 1X8lbs
11. The only thing in between me and 1x8lbs is time
12. I am a person who weighs 1x8lbs and got there quickly, easily, and healthily

My plan then is to do all the models for the obstacle thoughts (step 5/6) and then practice reading my thought ladder every day and feeling the vibrations with each thought.

Any thoughts on the structure or content? It’s a real goal. Thank you coaches!!