Best Thanksgiving Ever

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday I’ve arrived to our dysfunctional family’s house for the first time in my adult life, weighing 50 pounds less and a changed person who is not concerned with what will be served because I have one protocol I follow 365 days a year.
My mom told my uncles and cousins that she heard me throughout the year telling her that I lost ten more pounds and ten more pounds and they all said – oh, we saw her losing and gaining, it’s only temporary, let’s see her in Thanksgiving holiday.
I wore a size 6 skinny high-rise jeans, high heels and an amazing bodysuit and the expression on their faces when I walked in was priceless. Pure awe.
‘Wow, you look like a front-page Vogue model!’ ‘I wouldn’t recognize you on the street!’ Were some of the words they managed to utter.

I spent the entire holiday dinner explaining them about the brain efficiency, how we change unwanted habits, how we allow urges, and what I eat.
I ate my usual meal. They ate theirs. I felt deliciously alert and fresh at the end of the evening as when I came. They looked fainted and exhausted and opened their belts.
I had a deep sleep, feeling so proud of myself, but in a totally familiar way, not surprised from my behavior. It was as if I thought – well, of course I behaved this way. That’s who I am.