Best Way , Step by Step Actions, to Put Model Into Action

Am I understanding the very best way, step by step actions of putting the model into action? What I’m gathering is that (& please correct me wherever I may be incorrect) you first do a thought download for any particular problem. Then you go back, read through the thought download & circle just the facts.

Next you set up a model , using just one of these factual thoughts from the download. C line should always be neutral (not a judgement of yourself or the situation, no descriptive words, no beating yourself, or anyone else up) just neutral. F Line has said to be the vibration, the fuel. Though I’m not sure of what that means exactly. Could you elaborate, or give an example? And it should possibly even be just one word? T line should be kept to one thought. And there are both intentional and unintentional thoughts. What is an example of the difference?

Think I’m still unsure as to the difference between thoughts and feelings. A line is not limited to one word, be descriptive, exacting. And there are both internal and external actions. Can I get examples of the differences in them?

Lastly the R line is the effect, the by product, the outcome of your thoughts and subsequent results. So, you then review your model and change it by rewriting it with more positive wording. Take a couple of minutes to do a thought ladder, leveling up to smaller steps that you can actually believe. For example. If you need to lose 50 lbs, you might initially think “I’ll never lose 50lbs.” But that is not actually a fact. You can lose 50 lbs but that seems overwhelming. You could level up by thinking “I can lose 5 lbs” … because you can believe that. Then, either use that as a new model and begin your massive action (continuing on with the work until you accomplish the goal) or rewrite another, leveled up model, like “I can lose 15 lbs. It’s just going to take a little longer.” Do I have this correct? Can you show me where I may not, give examples of what I do not understand?