Better thoughts?

Ive mapped out that my goal of being a millionaire is merely a desire for a feeling. I wanted to figure out what that feeling would be so I closed my eyes and dreamed of what it would be like and what id say if it were happening…
“I did it!”
“I have everything I coild ever ask for”
“Im financially free”
“Im alive”
“I wanna experience more”

And feelings I get from thinking that is; success, content, awe, relieved, vibrant, joyful, eager. And while I know I’d feel this way when it happens (based on this exercise lol) I assume I dont have to wait to be a millionaire and can create thoughts RIGHT NOW and feel the way I desire today, on ourpose.

But surely expeirncing luxury gives me a farrrr greater feeling of awe than me being in awe of my client who complimented me… I mean, same awe, but different, right? Lol

I guess im fighting with thw idea of REALLY wanting to be a millionaire, and not letting that dream be pushed back by settling for the mediocre version of the feeling. How do I feel just as good now as I could later on so I can manifest some stuff is maybe the better question? Lol

P.S. Oh man, I hope that made sense. My brain is something else. Today I had a conversation in my head with myself where I thought, “hey I really like my own company in my mind. I like the way I think about things and feel like im a BFF to myself” bahahhahaha am I losing it? Be honest.