Big business revenue increase!

My main focus throughout SCS has been reaching an ambitious business revenue goal. I’ve been making small increases each month, but this month I’m in a bit of disbelief because my average daily sales have more than DOUBLED. I’m totally doing a happy dance and celebrating that what I’ve been doing is creating real results (I think your money video on creating more value helped me make an important shift), but at the same time, my thought download is revealing that I don’t truly believe that I am in control of how much I make. My thoughts:

I can’t believe I made this much $$ today
Hopefully this continues
Don’t get too excited
This is probably temporary
Sales probably won’t continue this way throughout the full month

Increasing sales has been my goal for so long, and for the most part I’ve only achieved small incremental increases at times, that I think I’ve gotten used to not seeing results and it feels a bit weird, like, is this for real??

I know part of what I need to do is be more open to receiving. In what specific ways would you recommend I do this?

Looking forward to your advice.