Big goal question… late start in April

Hi Brooke! So excited to be returning from spring break trip to your box of goodies and beginning. I have jumped into the daily work and watched a few videos. Prior to receiving your materials, I have committed this month to focus on rest and healing. I have a wrist injury, which is chronically painful which interferes with my part time work. I also have autoimmune issues triggered postpartum by my last 2 pregnancies, which can cause a slew of symptoms. I have 3 kids under 5 at home that I care for mostly full time. I understand that I have gotten to the point where my chronic pain, inflammation and health issues effect how I feel physically and emotionally day to day involve my not making my needs important and putting myself last. So many thoughts have lead to that. My goal is to focus on self care and make myself a priority and learn to feel good again. As I catch up on the reading and work in this months program, I am wondering if this is a big enough goal? Or if it is specific or measurable enough. You talk about taking massive action and I do have clear tasks for myself including adopting a more anti-inflammatory diet, walking and meditating in the morning, sleeping more, napping if I need, reducing stress, etc. I have a million other ideas and goals but none have been very successful when I am physically struggling. I am in a place where I am consciously trying to do less, but with more intention, focus and presence. I also understand your comments to other moms about doubling down to get the tasks done if they aren’t complete by the end of the day. I have lived like that before, but that idea conflicts with my need to physically heal. Sleep and stress are keys that make or break my physical wellbeing these days. And my day to day life revolves around my girls. So I guess I am looking for validation that my goal of self care, rest and healing are good enough for this month? And I can see maybe I need to do a model about why I doubt my choices or think they are not good enough lol. I am so excited to use these techniques on my business and financial goals and I am truly dying to jump ahead to that fun stuff, but before beginning the course, I made this commitment to myself, so I am hoping I can make this fit the work as my goal for the month. Thanks for all you do and I am so, so glad to be here!!!