Binge Eating

I am maintaining my weight well and I feel great. I do however binge on sweet treats on weekend afternoons and evenings. I do not do it at all in the week and on a subconscious level must give my self permission to do it at the weekend. I do have a plan not to and what I will eat but I just get the ‘feck it’ thought and answer it. At that moment I really don’t care for the consequences (which is thoughts that I should not behave like this). I do want to master it as I want to learn to sit with the discomfort but I don’t seem to get that far. I am really trying on some new thoughts to get passed the ‘feck it, it doesn’t matter anyway’ and not finding anything compelling enough. I can sit with an urge and ‘feel’ it in the week and I do it all morning at the weekends. I sit and feel the urge in my mouth and it dissipates then comes back with vengeance and I look at it again and describe it to myself and it goes again then 2 minutes it is back (I’ve timed it) and it goes like this which I must say is exhausting. I do get that you may say I am resisting as I feel exhausted but I don’t feel I am.

Current Model

C: Weekends
T: I want something to eat – Feck it, it won’t matter anyway
F: Frustration, agitation
A: Answer urge and eat
R: Overeat

New Model I tried but isn’t really helping

C: Weekends
T: food won’t help the long gain
F: Frustration, irritation
A: Sit with urge
R: Urge dissipates and goes away

This doesn’t really help me as the urge comes straight back and keeps coming. Any ideas?