Hi Brooke, I’ve on a protocol (2 meals 2x/day between 12-8, NFNS) for about a week and a half. All was well until my mom visited with a chocolate cake. I obsessed over the cake and then snuck out and ate it the last three nights after everyone was asleep. Once I ate the cake, I moved on to pizza, chips, peanut butter, etc. I feel like I can’t stop. I’m doing the daily homework, thought downloads and additional thought downloads/models on the overeating. I know my thoughts are like….’why does everyone get to eat it and I can’t?’ Also, ‘you screwed it all up, doesn’t matter now.’ I’ve tried doing new models with new thoughts around the pleasure of weight loss and not wanting food, but it isn’t working to control my desire which feels so HUGE. What should I do? I’m in so much pain if I don’t eat, but then I have so much self-hatred when I do eat.