Body Image

I think I have a body image problem, or more specifically, a problem with my thoughts about my body image. I am 5 foot six inches tall and weigh 135. I wear sizes 6-8. I receive compliments regarding my appearance frequently. Those are facts that should help me think that I am at a good size. However, when I look in a mirror I see cellulite, thighs that are too big, love handles, saddlebags, rolls. All thoughts, I know, that create feelings of disgust and hatred toward my body. I cannot seem to overcome the way that I see myself and think about myself. I know that I can not hate myself into a different type of body. I have tried since I was eleven years old. I am now fifty years old and ready to start loving and accepting myself. I have tried laddering and no more smack downs but I feel like I am not making any progress. I still see a gross body in the mirror. Any suggestions?