Body transformation

Hi Brooke,
I love all what I find access to and am thankful for the extra time I have at the moment to get me started in a new routine.
I have been overweight since I was a child. It all started when I was 6. I was sent to a doctor when I was eleven.
Since then my weight has been like a yo-yo. Now I start to understand why: the “feel your emotion and discomfort” was the missing link.
Now I am on my way…
15 years ago I weight up to 275 lbs, lost 72 lbs with a special very expansive diet accompanied by energetic massages every day… eventually gained 55 lbs back. I tried to lose weigh the past 2 years and finally last May, while on holiday, made up my mind that it was really time to take it all off AND succeed and since lost 22 lbs “on my own”, before I FOUND YOU !!! I am right now observing my emotions and work on befriending them before setting an irrealistic goal for weight loss.
One thing bothers me though.
I have skin hanging under my upper arms in a flip-flap way, kind of like wings !!! I also have lower belly fat which makes a sort of apron.
So I am affraid to loose to fast my overweight – like in a program I watched; “extreme weight lose” and they had to have surgery to take away the extra skin. The idea is not appealing to me…
What is awaiting me ?