Body work

Hi Coaches, Here is a model I’d like to submit to get some feedback on it:

Default Model
– C: My Body
– T: I do not like my middle section
– F: Disgust
– A: I touch it in a rough way, I hide it, I criticize it, I picture this big old belly, I talk badly to my body, I punish it, I overeat or overdrink. I am not gentle, I do not listen to what my body needs
– R: I am not connected to my body

Intentional Model:
– C: My body
– T: My body is the most precious thing I own
– F: Caring
– A: I listen to my body and its needs, I do not talk nastily to my body, I chose what is right for my body, when I do not I apologize and move on, I stop fighting with my body, I use patience with my body.
– R: I partner with my body to make decisions that are best for us