My Body’s Emotions Betray Me

Hey Brooke-

I am one of your Certified Coaches and need your help with a decades long issue!

In my early 20’s, I was involved in a TRAGIC accident and someone died. It wasn’t my fault, but I am such an empath that the pain I felt was tremendous. The accident happened over 30 years ago, and while I feel I am at total peace with what happened, it seems that I suffer from PTSD, physiologically. How it shows up in my life is that I might be feeling a bit nervous at an event or presentation, and my face (under my eyes), starts to perspire heavily (yes, HEAVILY), and I have to keep wiping my under-eyes. Not pretty!

I want to start teaching real estate agents a program called “Self-Coaching to Success,” and I even have a Title Company ready to sponsor lunch and learns. The problem is, I worry about getting my hot-flash sweats under my eyes, and it is stopping me from moving forward. Should I just try marketing all my real estate programs on line to stop the embaressment?

Please share with me your wisdom!