I was asked to write a foreword for a book in my speciality. I read the book and it was very good, so I agreed. It was the first time I had ever written one and it was a big task. Afterwards, the author was really happy with it and said she would send me copies of the book when it was published.
I said I would promote the book to my list, write a blog post and do a give away of the book because it was so good. I offered to do those things just to be supportive.
Then author wanted to know when I would be promoting her book, I didn’t have a date because I wanted a copy of the book first to be able to hold to show people in a FB Live and the publishing date was unclear. Also, I had to figure out my schedule and when it would fit in with promotions of my business.
Then she sent 5 books to me, but I was away when they arrived. My husband accepted the parcel, as he did with the other packages that arrived while was away.
Then on Saturday, I received an email from the author saying she hadn’t heard from me about promoting the book and the package had been accepted on Wednesday. If I wasn’t going to promote her book, then send the books back.

I was shocked.
I hadn’t ever said I wasn’t going to promote her book. It was me that had offered.
When she said in the summer she would send me some books, it was so I could pass them to clients etc. It was never contingent on me doing a promotion.

This relationship doesn’t feel clear. It feels very complicated.
And I don’t think I am making it complicated. It’s like she is reading things into my behaviour and finding it insulting.

I think this is a red flag and I should send her the books back and not do the promotions.
However, I am usually a person of my word and I feel that I ‘should’ go ahead with my plan to promote the book.

This feels very big and scary and I don’t know what to do