Boss/client’s inconsistencies

Hi. I’m a consultant and freelance editor/journalist. My main client is self-proclaimed “disorganized” and “inconsistent.” I allow myself to get frustrated when he says one thing and then does something else on a regular basis. Here are two models, the second one being what I’m working toward. What other ways could I see this situation? I’m definitely choosing frustration.

C: Client tells me he wants me to manage the software team, then he speaks to team members without me and doesn’t tell me until after he speaks with them, nor does he provide details about his conversations.
T: Why am I even in this job
F: Disempowered
A: Write to him asking if he still wants me to manage the team
R: Ongoing tension between me and client

T: He isn’t consistent, but is still paying me
F: Empowered
A: Show up and try to do the job anyway
R: Continue to get paid and continue to try to do a good job