Bossed I’m not vaccinated

I’ve made the personal choice not to vaccinate and for the first time I saw that decision effect me on a business side. Next month we were supposed to exhibit at a trade show and last minute the trade show made the decision to require all attendees and exhibitors to be vaccinated. A little over a month ago my boss and I had a discussion that I was to try and get out of the show because none of our customers would attend but the show said no unless we were prepared to lose money. So now that they are requesting everyone be vaccinated it was our way out. But my boss was pissed as we have different beliefs on this and now was acting like we never had that conversation and making it a bigger deal just because he doesn’t agree.

C- show is requiring vaccination I now
Can’t go

T- he’s going to fire me if I don’t get vaccinated

F- I feel scared

A-stew in this emotion all weekend and not be present for my family and over eat

R- feel like shit

How do I turn this around?