boundaries vs requests

I remember in the teachings about boundaries that they are meant to be for “bigger” things like emotional or physical boundaries. However I also hear examples like creating them when someone is constantly late etc. Is there a real difference between boundaries vs requests for things that just annoy you? If you make requests from an empowered place, does it really matter if it’s a big-deal boundary or not? I suppose in the example of someone being late, for me that would potentially qualify as a boundary-level item since I would not my time and energy to be wasted waiting. But if someone is, say, always obnoxiously loud, where is the line between letting them be a human and changing our thoughts, vs making a request but not making it a big deal if they don’t comply, vs a boundary-setting? I’m wondering if what I’m getting at is perhaps a boundary is something in which you set a consequence, vs a request is something you ask, and they can or cant comply but you don’t need to “do” anything about it with your actions as a response? I hope that’s not too confusing!