Boundary? Protocol? for myself.



I have started this question to a number of times and pause and re-write, and re-think, and re-evaluate. Not doing that this time… I am wondering your thoughts on this thought, this boundary, this protocol for a relationship with my mom. I know it is all my thoughts and I am growing so much from your teaching! Short and sweet, my mom likes to keep things light and seems to not want real depth in a relationship or conversation. That is not not my natural bent or personality. Even though it is not as close of a relationship as I would like, I do so so much better accepting my mom as she is and not trying to engage in deeper more open conversations, and creating the protocol for myself that this relationship is better for me when I dont engage as deeply as I may want to. It is the times I forget that can cause the problem. So can you help me with my T line?

Would you consider this a protocol I set for myself, since it is not really a boundary issue?

Intentional Model
C- I have a relationship with my mom
F- Free to love and accept her as she is and how we do interact
A- love her, like her, accept our differences
R- it is a much better relationship

Thank you!!!