Brain Melt Down

I am currently in the certification program and have been feeling like I am a compulsive consumer of information. I watch videos in SCS, I do my weekly homework and attend class in TLCS, I get coached twice per week, I journal, I do peer coaching, and I listen to Brooke’s podcasts when I go walking every morning. I am feeling super frustrated about not absorbing anything. I don’t seem to be APPLYING anything. Yesterday I ate tons of kettle corn and binged on Netflix, which made me wonder about my ability to actually be a coach when I get certified. I am feeling so stuck. 🙁

C: Consuming information
T: There is so much great stuff but it’s not sticking in my brain
F: Frustrated
A: Binge on food and TV and spin in my negative thoughts
R: Feel like I am failing and won’t succeed as a coach

C: Consuming information
T: I can do this at my own pace (I don’t believe this will work because I won’t keep up and make the changes in myself I want to make)
F: Doubtful
A: Adjust (reduce) how much information I attempt to learn in a day so I don’t get overwhelmed
R: Have a little more confidence that I am right on track. This isn’t supposed to be easy.

C: Consuming information
T: This program is going exactly as it’s supposed to.
F: Relieved
A: Take better care of myself, be compassionate and give myself a break, do what I can and be ok with it
R: I AM changing and growing. It’s just not easy and that’s ok.

Just doing these models for you helped me see I actually am right on course. You know what? The model really works.

Any other feedback/thoughts would be greatly appreciated!