Break through on podcast

Saying goodbye podcast was SO amazing. I struggle with letting go of things and do my best but I had a feeling i could do better.
I went through my closet and got rid of a bunch of stuff but left some i was ‘okay’ with. I’ve been thinking a LOT about how a ‘lot of good can’t make up for great’ and how it relates to my life. Ever since i was a girl things made sense to me. I loved and adored them but i’m coming to the realization that they were all a buffering agent like over eating. The more ‘things’ i had around me the more at ease i would feel cause ‘look at all these cool things i have around me! That must mean i’m cool/great/interesting too!’ What i realized listening to your podcast was how much in my life i am still making room for because it makes me uncomfortable to get rid of it or to say goodbye to enough stuff that i get to that place of feeling uncomfortable.

I don’t want a lot of things i have and i keep them for keeping sake. And would much rather live in a space of less but great.

My mind is blown with this break through. You think you know yourself and then bam.

My goal for this weekend is to go through what i left and really look at it and if it doesn’t make sense then i’m going to say goodbye. It’s piles of jewelry, some clothing, boots that don’t fit that i’ll ‘wear anyway’.

I want to feel uncomfortable enough that i have to challenge my thoughts. I’ve been way to easy on myself the first round.

I’m also a bit worried i’ll get rid of everything and then panic and want to fill it back up again. Cause that is normal and safe. I’ll plan not to.
I’ll let you know how it goes.