bridge thoughts (rd)

As I do this month’s homework I’m realizing the thought models are not sticking. My life has been filled with the other shoe dropping. A few big examples are:
1. thinking my childhood was fine (besides my mother dying) and finding out my father cheated on my mother and stepmother and has other children with other women and finding out the family knew and kept it form me, as I was his favorite.
2. getting ahead in my career and the rug pulled from under my feet, because management thought I was missing something and no one able to tell me what that something was,
3. thinking I had a wonderful marriage and finding out my husband cheated and hide financial issues from me.
The thought I want to believe is that “everything happens for a reason and this all happened to me, because I was destined for great things and to help women become the best versions of themselves”. My unintentional thought is “people are withholding information from me and when I uncover it I will go through so much pain”.
Can you please help with some bridge thoughts?
Thank you,