Bringing hoarding thought to neutral

Hello Brooke!
So I am doing the homework on Podcast 183 – How to Have a Better Life and question #6 is asking to bring one of my current thoughts to neutral and I’m having a hell of a time. My negative thought is that my partner is a hoarder and it really bothers me. I ran a model on why I think this and I came to the conclusion that I am not completely happy with myself and the situations I have created in my life. I know that I have to make myself happy first as this is not his job as my partner. He is just there for me to love period like you always say. In a previous question to you, your answer has been to make myself happy and I have, since then, been taking all these steps forward and I’ve been managing my mind so well that our relationship has improved tremendously because of me taking care of myself, not him (yay me and you for helping me!) But now, with all this decluttering of this house and my stuff within it, I am trying to make a spare room my room to get ready in that is decorated and feels like me. He is totally on board with it being mine but since I’ve cleaned up the closet (which is pretty much mine) and put some of his old clothes (which he doesn’t wear in the middle of the floor), he looked upset that I moved his stuff out of the closet. I should not have moved his stuff but I really do not have one room in that house that is just mine. Am I being pushy? I’m feeling kind of crappy right now about it all. Thanks so much!