Brooke, will you join me FB live?

Aloha Brooke, my name is Sarah Oxendine. I have started a movement called the Move Your Body Movement. I have an FB group called Move Your Body Movement. I go FB live 3x a day doing 3 sets of 20 exercises where ever I am at. I ask random people to join me live! It is super fun! My mission is to encourage humans to move where they’re at throughout the day! I understand that it is hard to remember, so I show up 3x a day to support people where they are, giving them ideas of how they can move! I know that as we move not only does this help our bodies but our minds and spirits! The more people I can help have healthier body-minds and spirits through small movements throughout the day, by default we will have a better world! This is my movement! I would like you to join me FB live! I will need about 15 minutes of your time, we can go split screens on iPhone’s! It will be AWESOME!! Our goal is to grow 10,000 followers in one month, by the end of July and have you join me live! I am reaching out to influencers to join me live YOU are my first!! I LOVE YOU!!! XOXO Mahalo, Sarah Oxendine Will you join me? 🙂