Hi Brooke! I have a question about buffering. Even though I’ve come a super long way, I know I still use buffering to avoid stuff. Since I dont drink I’ve used the SO programme to take a look at buffering in general and have found it as more of a compulsive energy with which I do things rather than having one particular thing I buffer with. I dont really overeat or struggle with my weight but occasionally it it will be food that drives compulsion- more often its going into a black hole of SNL clips/movie trailers on youtube- sometimes its checking my phone compulsively- sometimes its randomly spacing out online and surfing news sites (luckily my Facebook account was hacked and I took that as a sign to let it go)- sometimes its calling people instead of resting with myself and sticking to what I had planned. The practice of allowing urges resonates a lot with me and I’ve tried it for a month or so but since my compulsions seem to be so spread out I’m not sure what to practice the urges with? I’d like to start a 100 urges worksheet- do I pick one activity that feels the most urgent and use that? And if I do this- how do I make sure that I’m not just using the other stuff to buffer with instead? This is what I’ve found to be challenging so far as I’ll just replace my texting with the internet etc. Cutting all of it out at once feels possible too but when I do that it can feel a little confusing as I’m sitting in urges a lot of the day. Would love some help in making this feel manageable- am passionate about it and have tasted how incredible and crazy empowering it is to be on the other side. Thank you and MUCH much love to you Goddess. ❤️❤️❤️