Hi Brooke, ok I think I just got a revelation (that you’ve been pointing to all along) The only real problem is that I believe the thoughts my lower brain creates based on habitual patterns. Prevention and protection (From the upper limit book) is what my lower brain is all about. So buffering is about easing the pain the lower brain creates with it’s alarmists thoughts. Your webinar from Saturday #2 secret – You’re (lower) brain is all about survival has really triggered something in me. There isn’t many problems in my life outside of believing and/or reacting to my lower brain. That’s it. WOW. My lower brain has habitual fear-based reactions to any things perceived as a threat (a boss’ slight eye role…he he) then starts sending messages to create a problem to eventually get me back in the cave. I think I was trying to change the lower brain thoughts, rather than accepting and not reacting to them. I think of it when my dog goes nuts when someone knocks on the door. I know there is no real threat and that is what she does, I don’t go hide under the bed. I’d like to be more accepting of my lower brain as I am of my dog’s shenanigans. Am I on the right track?