Hi! I have a question about cravings, buffering, and over desire. I am not eating sugar or flour. I do have the urge to have sweets at least once a day. I allow myself to feel the urge. But I think I’m just really in my head about it. I can’t really identify the desire in my body, but the thought is, “I just want it.” I don’t think I’m avoiding anything, I just want to taste it because I like how it tastes. I seem to have the desire when I see a treat, like candy at an event, cupcakes at my daughter’s birthday, and cookies at my son’s bday party. Last night my son and I went out to dinner. I stuck to protocol and just had a salad with chicken, but people were having milkshakes and they looked so good. I didn’t have one, but I wanted one. The desire passed pretty quickly, but I wanted one. And then there were my son’s french fries. They smelled so good. And I love fries. I had 5. (So I guess I actually didn’t stick to protocol). But I was conscious when I ate them and I really enjoyed them and I didn’t beat myself up about it.
My question is – does a craving always signify buffering? Will I ever get over my over desire if I can’t feel the feeling of the urge in my body? Am I missing something? Also, do you ever have cake at birthdays? Or are you so over it that you actually don’t want it? Do you still have joy eats? Just curious. Thanks!!