Buffering and Worth

I’m watching my brain run into roadblocks around combining the concepts of buffering and worth.

Group of thoughts:
We’re all 100% worthy.
We don’t have to do anything to be worthy.
Babies are 100% worthy. People in comas are 100% worthy.
I’m worthy exactly the way that I am.

Another grouping of thoughts:
I want to be able to say I lived my life to the fullest.
In order to live my best life, I need to focus and use the tools I have learned (thought downloads, etc).
I don’t want to buffer this life away.

Then leads me to thoughts like:
People who buffer aren’t living their best life.
They are capable of so much more.
If I sat on the couch and buffered the day away, I wouldn’t be living my best life. I wouldn’t be good enough. Or worthy.

I can see that I’m judging myself when I’m judging other people.
But I still want to tell you that this statement is truth (not a thought):
T – If I buffered my life away, I wouldn’t be living my fullest potential.
Feeling – afraid
Action – avoid buffering in traditional ways (overdrinking, overeating), but probably still overworking, spinning in thoughts
R – I’m still buffering.

What am I missing? So grateful for Ask a Coach! Thank you!