Buffering escalation

Hi Brooke
Whilst I was on the overwhelm model, I thought I would do a model on buffering too, because I’m getting fear of change/letting go.
I’ve been having nightmares about it this week – being tortured and bashed for being myself. And as I notice my buffering more carefully, I feel the urges are quite strong and I’m having difficulty just allowing them. There has been some escalation in type of buffering (food->sex). I’m mostly giving in and that is OK as a beginner but nonetheless a little deflating.

Anyway here’s my buffering model:

C: I am giving in to most urges
T: The urges are too strong to just allow
F: Deflated, inadequate
A: Notice the urge and buffer anyway
R: I can’t allow the urges

T: I will allow each urge for 5 minutes and keep trying, regardless of results
F: More confident, determined
A: Allow each urge for 5 minutes
R: More experience at allowing – develop the skill

My query about that is I’m not entirely sure I’m going to apply the 5 minute rule!