Buffering with “busy-ness”

After a couple months of Modeling without too much satisfaction, I have a thought that I am buffering by being busy. It is true, I am busy. But there are a couple of areas in which I want to take massive action but have not. Writing a book and increasing my fluency in a couple of languages that i speak hesitantly. I believe I can see now that I double down with busy-Ness in other areas, legitimate areas of respibsibility, to avoid feeling the regret or shame of not working on these high value projects.
That said, in the meantime through listening to your podcasts and 6 weeks of scholars i have definitely gotten leaner and been recommitting to exercise. My systems and work are in significantly better shape and i have a much better attitude toward some of the things i used to whinge about. I guess this is a pretty good problem. Should i just keep doing the thought work on why i am not writing or studying with a language coach, or should i keep practicing by getting these other areas of my life into top shape and trust that these are foundations i am creating before taking on these next challenges.