Buffering with exercise?

Hi Brooke. I am at my ideal weight and don’t struggle with overeating. I have had in the past an eating disorder in my teens and twenties. I have tracked macros for 2 years now and have a plan that works for me. My question is this: I hate to miss a workout. I love going to the gym. I love the endorphins. Is this a form of buffering? I have some recent overtraining injuries and that has made me question why I believe I have to work so hard in the gym. I’m not competing in anything. I’m not overweight. I do have goals for myself for my body though. My happiness isn’t dependent on these goals happening, it’s enjoyable to see how I have changed my body with weight lifting over the past few years and I’ve learned a lot. The mind-muscle connection is really strong for me now and I’ve recently started doing hot yoga again and everything seems to feel more aligned. I suppose with your teachings though, I’m questioning if I should just be content with where I am. Are there questions I should be asking myself? I think with this topic I am spinning a bit.