Buying a new car!

Hi Brooke!
I’m thinking of buying a new car for myself. I saw and test drove my perfect car today cut am sitting on it for a night. I planned to save some money in the next 6 months but I’m feeling like I want it now. My car is 18 years old and wanting to take the leap to a big girl car. However, I tend to make impulsive decisions and buy things that I can’t afford. My other problem is my money mindset, which is pretty poor. I feel like I never have money but that is all in how I think about it, if I think in lack, I will always have lack. I’m trying to run models in order to keep the thought that money is always available to me and I will always have what I need. I want to prove to myself that I can own a new car and make the payments required. Thanks brilliant Brooke!