caloric concerns when hunger is minimized, and why it’s a "no" to smoothies

normally during my IF and NFNS protocol, i eat a lot at my 2 meals to stay satiated during the fasting periods and to get in a variety of nutrients…. almost to the point that i feel too full actually. i didn’t think much of it since i was still losing weight, then last week i hit a plateau. and this past sunday i went to a father’s day gathering and all my favorite foods and desserts were laid out for the taking… i forgot my protocol food at home, so i decided i wouldn’t eat and instead just drink water and pay attention to my thoughts for the night and it was pretty amazing. i was surprised that i never felt hungry. the next morning i felt better than I’ve ever felt (lean and strong), which i also didn’t expect since i hadn’t eaten in so long, plus i broke through my plateau…and again, still wasn’t hungry upon waking. i’ve stuck to my IF/NFNS protocol this week, but now i’ve noticed that i really haven’t been getting hungry. so now when i do eat, im paying way more attention to my body and realizing that i need to eat very little to feel satiated. when i was eating a lot during my feeding windows, i was trying to make sure i was getting in a good amount of food and a variety of nutrients (veggies, healthy fats, superfoods, protein, etc) to get through the fasting period, but this week i’ve tuned into my body more than the food and because of this i just quit eating after feeling satiated. so my question:
i feel good, but should i be concerned about getting too few calories?

also, can you explain the reason brooke says no to smoothies? i’m eating a vegan + gluten-free protocol so i’ve enjoyed getting a shot of protein, fresh greens, and super foods via plant-based protein shakes as one of my meals (and i really appreciate the quick meal option too). so i’m just curious about the “no smoothies” purpose. but i have to say i have eliminated them this week (just haven’t been in the mood for them) and now i wonder if eliminating them is really why i feel more fat adapted now.