How can a bodybuilder stop overeating during their “cheat meal” despite being disciplined with fuel food every day of the week?

My name is Nicole Terwey and I am a brand new member of SCS. I will be unable to attend today’s coaching call on “Overeating” so I was hoping my question below could be covered or at least answered in some capacity so that I can get better at overcoming this issue. Thank you SO MUCH for your time and help!

For someone who follows a meal plan and has succeeded in sticking with meal plans over the past 16 months well enough to compete in three bodybuilding competitions, what should I be focusing on or what thoughts can/should I change in order to stop feeling deprived during cheat meal days? How can I stop overeating so that I can reach my physique goals?

Quick background: I have one cheat meal per week, which I reserve for Saturday nights (doubles as date with husband), but in order to maintain the physique I envision for myself, I need my cheat meal to not exceed 700 calories. Most cheat meal days – frankly, every single one for the past 16 months – my cheat “meals” exceed 2,500 calories because I begin nibbling earlier in the day on food items I can “finally have” now that my cheat meal day has arrived; hence, my cheat “meal” has turned into a cheat “day.” Even though my regular meal plan includes a variety of foods, I still gorge myself on anything I can find in my house. Also, these foods I seek are actually ALREADY on my meal plan but I eat much more of them on my cheat meal days because “I can.” I’ve tried and tried to identify the thought behind the overeating but I can’t pinpoint it in order to name it. I don’t know what I’m thinking that justifies the overeating. I’ve blamed an out-of-body experience but I know that’s emotional childhood because I’m blaming someone/something else instead of holding myself accountable for my thoughts and actions. I keep thinking I’ll never reach the level of discipline I seek because my mind has such a thick wall blocking me from identifying the thought(s) behind the overeating. I just don’t understand how I can stick to a meal plan (including cardio and weight lifting plans) as strictly as I do 6 days a week but then completely let my discipline crumble for one day.

ANY help in understanding this would be GREATLY, GREATLY appreciated! Thank you so much for your time and help. Take care and talk to you soon!


Nicole Terwey