I can make commitments to myself and keep them

Hey Brooke! I am working on the second draft of a planner I had been dreaming of creating for so long. I could never find a planner that really tracked what I wanted. I love that I sent out one month to the printer so I could learn from it. Failing never felt so good! I know what I’d like to change now. It’s so much fun to know that I can keep commitments to myself and complete projects.
I am adding spaces to track things that I have been buffering with. I have a section for morning, afternoon, and evening fuel so I can plan 24 hours in advance. I have a small section to write what I spent money on during the day. A half-hour schedule from 5am to 10pm is there, plus a very short task list, with the point being that they don’t stay on your task list, they migrate to a time on the schedule.
It’s really great so far. I’m updating it for next month to include a space for Do Goals. I’m still trying to figure out the simplest, most concise way to track those, and it might just be an open box to write them in.
I realize as I’m typing that I wanted you to tell me how to track Do Goals. If you have insight, that’s great, but it turns out I know that I just need to make a decision, send it to the printer and see how it goes next month. My new thoughts “I can keep commitments that I make” and “I complete projects that I start” have been super useful.
Thank you again.