Can you put "Being yourself" / "Showing personality" in the C line?


I am doing the work on my Impossible Goals for next year and thinking about the person that I want to become/ the person that has already accomplished these goals.

A lot of feelings of hiding my personality and not being myself are coming up for me. Even in my dating life, I always have this thought ‘I get so nervous to be myself.” I feel like I was SO awesome in Middle School and the years of not giving a shit about what people thought are long gone now. And now I care so much about not being too loud, not being too open, not being too….. me.

But last night I was feeling so awesome that I just started to sing songs on my Instagram Story! Haha! And it was amazing- I still feel amazing this morning! Like I put myself out there and I am FREEEE! I want to cultivate this feeling through my thoughts every damn day!

I want to do some models on my thoughts here, but I was wondering in this case is this a good C line? It can’t particularly be agreed upon by the whole world or proven in the court of law- but I think it works! Should I be more specific about a certain trait perhaps?
Please advise! Thanks so much!