I can’t find the C

I found myself wanting food this afternoon. I recognized the desire and then was able to figure out the thoughts behind the feeling. What I can’t figure out is the C. Does the C matter? It might be a messy office or it could be computer work. Or it might even be the fact I unexpectedly have a free afternoon on my hands. I’m working on a thought model and can come up with new thoughts but so far they don’t feel quite right. Here’s what I have so far. What am I missing?

C: ?
T: I should find something to eat. Something sweet would taste so good.
F: desire
A: eat
R: same ‘ole same ‘ole

C: ?
T: I am past my eating window for the day. My feelings do not dictate my actions.
F: control, purposeful
A: choose something to do – something that’s not buffering/eating
R: a more deliberate life