Can’t Stop Undereatimg

So I have an eating disorder background, I was technically anorexic. I followed “diet recovery” protocol, which was basically eating around 1000+ more calories a day than a normal person. I put back on weight, continued to put back on weight, felt sick from eating so much, regained hunger cues and started following them. I now eat when hungry, and don’t restrict food types anymore. I’m back to a normal weight. However I often realize I’m not eating very much during the day and this goes on for days. I don’t think I need to lose weight, for the most part I’m pretty kind to myself about how I look. I’m not skipping meals on purpose, I just really don’t feel hungry. I’m only concerned about this as I am starting to drop weight quickly and on my last blood test I was iron and vitamin a deficient and told to eat more of certain things as well as supplement. I’m just not very hungry so Im not necessarily keeping up with the food recommendations. (i.e. eating 3x a day when I’m rarely hungry before 12 if not 2pm). My doctors do not seem concerned about my weight loss, just my vitamin levels. Do I create a food protocol and stick to it even though I’m not hungry? My only concern is that I’m “relapsing” and my brain is just being really crafty about it.