Catastrophizing about work

I just started a new job after being in a role where I had quite a bit of tenure and job security. Yes I know that job security came from my thought about it, but “I have been here longer than 90% of people and am a top performer” collected a lot of evidence.

The new company I’m with has a history of laying people off, and hasn’t done too well financially in the past. They were offering a lot of money, so I took it. Now I’m in a new role and am totally freaking out about it. I’ve recently done some investing, like I put a lot of money into a investment property that might have been a bit overpriced and that I need to flip. I put more money into it than I was comfortable with, honestly, and now I don’t have much of a buffer.

C Company has previously gone bankrupt and has the reputation of being unstable
T I will be totally screwed if I get laid off
F Anxious
A Worry about money, update my budget, don’t go out and get the new phone I need to do my job, don’t focus 100% on work, worry about my website being a reason to fire me, worry about getting fired, just have a ton of thoughts about worrying about money and worrying about the new property and worrying about getting fired, all of this on a loop.
R: I don’t know. I’m still doing plenty good enough of a job, but I think I’m more just super worried about money because I have so many pretty big financial things up in the air right now.

Feeling very anxious about all of this, and I can’t seem to find my way out. I really DO believe that if I get fired, I’ll be pretty screwed. I wish I could believe that it would be 50/50, but I don’t. I think getting fired right now would be very bad. Help?