^categorizing feelings

hi Brooke

I am noticing in my thoughts download/feeling analysis that many of my negative thoughts seem to be indulgences.

e.g. Crap(3), dis-incented(3), demoralised (3), anxious(2)
or Tired(2), deflated(3), dis-incented(3)
or Unsupported(3) Misunderstood(3) Cross(3) Lonely(3)
1 – want to feel; 2 – unwanted but allow; 3 – indulgent

This is because I dont need to feel crap – I could re-frame and feel better. Likewise all the 3s.

However tired and anxious are pretty much going to occur at present and I should allow and accept them until I’m a bit more evolved at dealing with emotions. Even though I believe that FOR ME anxiety is indulgent – it’s a way of buffering.

I also notice on the positive side,
e.g. Powerful(2) Helpful.(1) Self-sufficient(3)
or Empowered(1), knowledgable(1), capable(1)

I only ‘allow’ powerful, because essentially I dont want to exert power over others, only my own mind. Empowered is better. Self-sufficient is a negative for me because I’ve tried living life as an island of 1 and I dont like it very much. Rather go for inter-dependence.

Does that sound right?