My husband and I talked about our finances.
In the past it went as follows:
C- Spent more than income
T- We can’t be trusted with money
F-Angry, disappointed, fearful of future
A-Fighting, yelling
R-Blame, shame, slamming doors, don’t discuss the issue, spending continues

This time…..
C-Spent more than income
T-Let the numbers do the talking
F-Lighter, more at peace,
A-Look at numbers together, problem solving together
R-Address the issues, finding solutions, sex(?!)

Yes…our money talk ended in s-e-x. For us this is quite the opposite from our past outcomes.
(ok, so this may have been more than you cared to know, lol, but this is a HUGE win for us.)

Thank you Brooke, I can’t adequately express my gratitude to you.